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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 11, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos before they go viral "right this minute." a man with a knife tries to hold up a store. >> but keep an eye on the clerk's right hand. >> what he did that had the robber flipping out. there are swings and then there's this -- >> the highest swing in the world. >> why gorging on adventure isn't always good for you. good luck pulling that off your face because -- >> there's some hair involved. >> how a bottle of vodka and a
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roll of scotch tape made for a photo session. >> it was a barrel of monkeys. after this happened the camera stayed on because -- >> mom knew this was coming. >> the story behind an instant viral video. a lot of people out there say nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m. here we go, 2:40 in the morning. this is security footage from a convenience store at a gas station. you see this person knocking saying, hey, let let me in because late at night they lock the doors. the teenager reveals this giant knife. goes up to the clerk. demands money but keep an eye on the clerk's right hand. right there. did you see that clerk push the button? that guy. that's the emergency button that puts bullet-proof screens up all around the counter and also locks the doors. >> that's awesome. >> caught a rat. >> wraps him. >> now this dude is locked in. you can see he's trying to bust
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his way out of the glass that won't work. >> he said to open the door and i didn't open. he tried to break it and i just went inside and stayed calm. >> the cops show up. you see them here, the guy surrenders immediately arrested. >> imagine how excited the clerk must have been to do that and spring the mousetrap. >> what a cool button. >> you catch them every single time because they're locked in until the cops there. everyone should have them. this video released by the greater manchester police 12:45 in the morning, this is a computer shop. they got a stolen car. two guys you see in the video looks like they ram the vehicle twice into the rolling security gate and you see after two smashes they're able to open it up. one guy's there holding the gate open. the other guy goes in and makes off with a number of computer consoles and different electrical items. >> the guy fell on his face first. >> he didn't enter the most graceful way. they get out of there like i said with a number of items.
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you see them scrambling to the stolen car. they take off. police are looking for tips if they know these people to call in. apparently as you can probably guess the car was dumped a few days later. if you ever find yourself at the lair's waterfall in south africa you may consider checking it out like this -- >> no. >> this is the gorge swing. the highest swing in the world. at about 541 feet. you can stand at the edge of this waterfall. leap off and go swinging down out into that gorge. 55 stories tall. this video was shot by lawrence santonelli. >> sign me up right now. this is so cool. imagine what it may be like. >> but you may want to reconsider your choice, because earlier this month one of the
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employees of the wild swing was trying to show a very scared tourist that it's not so scary. sh was afrai to go, let me g fiie >> wait, what? >> yeah. what? >> i'm not kidding. that is why this video is trending now. one of the owners of the wild swing said that they believed this 26-year-old man was maybe trying to do some stunts, jumping from a point where they're not allowed to jump from. he got caught up in one of the other guide cables. that cable then cut and burned through his harness, he fell to the gorge below. >> that's horrible. >> did they shut it down? >> for a couple of days during the investigation. but have no fear you want to try it yourself many people have jumped safely before. >> okay. i don't think i'll be doing this one. devastating moments on chinese roads caught on camera. this first one is tough to watch. so keep your eyes on the
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intersection. you see a large what looks like a dump truck coming through this intersection just as a smaller truck speeds through. >> oh, my gosh. >> people fell out of that thing. >> if you watch it in slow-motion two people come out of the cab of the smaller truck as it hit that larger dump truck coming through. now, i do have good news everyone did survive this crash. we have more video from the same accident. there was a man trapped in that smaller truck but as you can see rescue officials did arrive on scene. they were able to rescue this man. get him to the hospital. according to preliminary reports on the investigation in to this crash, they think the small truck was traveling at a high rate of speed but they also believe that the brakes failed on that dump truck that was also going through the intersection so it was a collision that may not have been able to be avoided by either one of the drivers. the next video on a chinese roadway pay close attention to the truck up ahead. you see it swerving.
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topples over on its side and slides several feet over into that guardrail. you can tell there was something wrong with the load on that truck and that's what investigators believe. they do think that truck was loaded too top heavy and couldn't support the weight of the load especially when this truck got going at high speeds. the driver of this accident survives with no injuries according to reports. a couple of rescue videos here and you're going to love them because they are so darn cute. this first one is really adorable hawksville sea turtle. >> ahh. >> it's out swimming in the water, but this is actually after its rescue. this is a supervised swim that this precious little turtle is taking. but if you notice look at its back leg. >> oh. >> only one's working, is that right? >> yeah. when this turtle was taken to the rescue center apparently it was very weak. it couldn't move that leg.
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seems to be torn. >> it seems to be doing really, really well now because it's really moving. >> apparent i had it also had issues diving in the water and the workers in the rescue ended up feeding it pieces of jellyfish and fresh fish and this is especially important that this sea turtle gets back into the ocean because it is critically endangered. there are very few of them left in the world so they want to make sure that they give this one a fighting chance. this is a good exercise. see? we dock that in the house, too. >> really cute rescue. these are tree kangaroo joeys. they're not like the regular kangaroos but they are cousins. these guys hang out on trees hence the name. >> holy crap they're cute. >> two were taken in to this rescue. they believe their mommas abandoned them so they are caring for these guys and teaching them what to eat in the wild. >> spaghetti. >> they are spaghetti.
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i don't know how they'll figure that out in the wild. they are endangered and they say it's worth because she's, again, giving these two guys a chance. there's something on the loose at the supreme court. >> that something is wild boar. >> ooh. >> is that a golf club? >> the wile encoud encounter. and he's busting a move on the street because -- >> this guy lost a bet. >> oh. >> see how he serves his time and starts a roadside party. (m) dedefifianancece i is s ini. dedefifianancece n nevevere. cicitrtracacalal m maxa. cacalclciuium m cicitrtrat. hihighghlyly s sololubu, eaeasisilyly a absorbed.
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something pretty dangerous was found on the supreme court grounds in pakistan. you're going to see in this video that something a wild boar. what you're seeing here a huge wild boar. these things can be hundreds of pounds giving guards at the supreme court here which is a heavily guarded area a huge fit. watch this. >> is that a golf club? >> yeah. looks like some guy has a large stick or maybe a golf club or something trying to wrangle this thing up, but watch here. that guy gives almost, like, a piglike squeal. took guards half an hour to get this thing off the premises. it broke in somehow. two guards were actually injured from this, too. you can see the size of this. watch, look here. >> watch.
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>> it's like pumba. >> they have the long tusks three to nine inches and those are like knives. they can stab you for sure. >> this is in a city center. >> they said it's heavily forested around the city. they are a pretty big issue. at night they are causing a lot of traffic incidents. wild boars out there on the street. they said also it was the second time in not so long in recent years that a boar has broken into the supreme court. i'm sure the other security guards got a good laugh out of of this guy's squeal. >> it does sound funny to hear a girl-man like that. >> okay, not only did he squeal, he did a hitch to it. >> yeah. joey loves water. ♪
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you're looking at a busy intersection in provo, utah. guy standing on the street corner dancing. this is not one of those promotional sign holders. this guy lost a bet. >> oh. >> yep. >> so now he has to dance like a dork right in the middle of this intersection. >> he has to do it for a full half an hour. this fella is andrew wilcox and he lost a bet to his brother. andrew and his brother often compete playing basketball and andrew seems to always be the winner so he decided he could make this bet and andrew lost! >> look like he met somebody here. people think they're funny, whatever. >> that's the great thing, people do find it funny and
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random people ran up and join him. >> wow, a ton of people came to dance. >> he's dancing to all kind of different music that his brother got to choose. call me maybe. ♪ it's crazy >> "gangnam style." "what does the fox say." definitely not the smoothest coolest music choices. >> he wanted his brother to look like a total dweeb out there. >> this kind of backfired on him a little bit because it isn't embarrassing if people are coming up dancing with him. >> he might be the real winner. >> right? >> the people that are the winners are those stuck at the red light who got some entertainment at this intersection. it's his video asking her for a prom date. >> that's so risky. my god, that's risky! >> does she say yes?
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see it next "right this minute." uncle's in the kitchen and he's stomping mad. >> you hear him stomping and yelling the madness of life! >> what he's lost that has him losing it. plus, using scotch tape for a different kind of art project. >> what? >> what is happening here? >> whatever happens, happens. >> the story behind this sticky masterpiece. >> doesn't hurt that bad. so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune with discounts like safe driver, multi-car, paperless. you make a mighty fine missus, m'lady. i'm not saying mark's thrifty. let's just say, i saved him $519,
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>> oh. you tape your nose up and look all piggy and stuff. >> and he doesn't go into great detail in wrapping people's faces with the scotch tape. it doesn't take more than ten minutes, whatever happens, happens and then he takes these awesomely creepy zombielike photos! >> and it also looks completely painful for its subject. >> this project has gone viral and to tell us more, we have west via skype from albuquerque, new mexico. how much fun was it for you and the people involved in this project? >> it was a barrel of monkeys seriously. we had so much fun doing it. i gathered around 15 or 20 people and got a bottle of vodka and scotch tape come over and let's have fun and see what happens. >> tell me about the removal part. once you get tape on you got to remove it and there's hair involved. >> i feel bad for the people who did it but i was one who did it
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myself. it's not pleasant by any means especially if you are a claustrophobic. >> where did you find such different-looking people it's, like, a wide array of characters? >> fortunately i'm in this beautiful city that is albuquerque which is an untouched gem of strange, different, you know, transient-type people kind of like the portland of the southwest is what i like to call it. finding the people who are willing recipients was not hard at all. they actually lined up at the door. >> you are a really talented artist. this isn't the only art project you've done. you have something new coming out that you haven't told anyone about. >> i am releasing a new project called 505 faces. people that are familiar with new mexico the area code is 505, my ultimate goal is to go around 20 cities in new mexico in the month of may to june and shooting 555 different portraits of people that we meet along the way trying to make a coffee table book for new mexiabout ne
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it's all about the people who make up the community that is the 505, basically a love letter back to the states. it was quite the dramatic day in this irish uncle's kitchen. [ bleep ] >> you hear him stomping and yelling the madness of life! >> [ bleep ]. >> you catch that? >> where is the soup? >> he's looking for soup. soup that he just purchased at the store and apparently somebody took it. >> [ bleep ]. >> he can't seem to find it? this tantrum all about lost soup. >> [ bleep ]. >> now he's screaming appear as if the soup's going to magically
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appear back into the kitchen. i mean, hey who wants to lose their soup. >> appear! >> and now looks like he's in a performance of stomp. >> like he never grew up. >> this is a 6-year-old's tantrum. >> right. >> he's breaking things. >> yes. he just starts slamming stuff around. kicking stuff. now i do feel bad because i'm sitting here thinking what else is going on in this guy's hife. we don't know. maybe he got a the flat tire. >> it's a string of unfortunate events. >> the straw that broke the camel's back. >> did we ever find out what happened to the soup? like, where did it go? >> no. soup mystery.
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>> it's gone. it's gift time for this little guy, but you'll never guess what he gets. >> what did you get? >> see the priceless reaction to the prank present. [son] she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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burger king recently sent out a challenge via instagram. they wanted to know who the king was. the king being the person that could eat every single person on their menu. >> l.a. beast, right? >> of course. >> one hamburger cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, double whopper, triple whopper. >> start the timer. let's go, baby. >> oh, my gosh. this looks miserable. >> look at the calorie count. >> he's not even using water. he's using gatorade.
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>> i was wonder if he would do it professional eating style and soaks it in water and goes back again. no, he's actually enjoying these burgers and gatorade. >> more than 6,000 calories. >> i'm the burger king. prepare yourselves, guys, because hilarity is happening in the form of these videos. the first one a whole lot going on in a really short video. >> beans on toast? >> baked bean sandwich. maybe his favorite snack standing close to the camera but the little tyke a little further back standing on a little box also eating something. >> ah. >> why's this being filmed? you know, like, that's funny why it happened but why did they start filming? >> maybe because mom knew this was coming. >> yikes. >> i'm glad they were filming,
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then. geez. >> now the little guy's gotten back on his feet looking down at his big brother what did you just do? the second video is little whalen also hilarious. >> what is it? >> it's china. >> a what? >> it is a pa-china. look at the picture that whalen has drawn. >> it's a pa-china. >> no, no, no! >> he really did it. maybe it's a hamburger. but at least he's not saying it's a hamburger. he's saying it's a pa-china, that's nothing that sounds like it but it could be. >> where did he get this from? >> no telling. >> it's a pa-china! and the third video just an awesome moment so glad the camera was rolling. >> okay? okay. this is for you, okay? >> the present for this little guy he's so excited. >> what is it? >> what?
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>> he's hugging it! >> he loves the banana. >> they are, like, 19 cents. >> was actually shot on mother's day. all the moms open their gifts but this little fella was feeling left out so they decided to prank him by giving him a gift the gift being a banana, they thought he would be upset but -- >> he loved it. >> he loved the banana. >> he was just grateful he got a gift. they should reward him for that. >> what do you think the pa-gift is for? that's it for us. we'll see you next time. $
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos from the web, we've got them "right this minute." don't you dare. >> a bear shimmies along the rope trying to get to this beaver. >> the extent that some will go to get the beaver. >> oh, no he's going to fall. >> meet the man who witnessed one tough choice. >> this was definitely the first time i've ever seen this happen. a woman's about to jump from a building so a rescuer decides to -- >> just reach over and grab her. >> see the last-ditch move to save a life. >> i


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